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          E-Cigarettes are the alternate to smoking that is taking over the world.  Smokers that are tired of the cost, smell and the way cigarettes make them feel are opting for vapor. E-liquid comes in many amazing flavors as well. So, gone are the days of choosing between just menthol or tobacco flavor.  Now you can opt for Watermelon Ice or Banana Candy or Raspberry Lemonade and many, many other choices. Of course, if you want the taste of a cigarette, without the over 4,000 different chemicals that are in a traditional cigarette(50 of which are known to be carcinogens), you can get a tobacco E-liquid flavor or menthol.

          At Orion's Vapor, Whether you are new to vaping or a pro, we are happy to help. We carry a wide range of E-Cig products and accessories. We have taste samples of every flavor Orion's Vapor carries. So come on in, try all the different flavors and let the vaping begin.

Ever wonder how to get the perfect vape? Check out this helpful chart

Not sure where you land as far as how many mgs you need in your fluid?

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